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Interface: NFTData

General structure of a Non-Fungible Token drop. This should be passed into createDrop if you wish to have an NFT drop.



contractId: string

The account ID that the NFT contract is deployed to. This contract is where all the NFTs for the specific drop must come from.

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Optional senderId: string

By default, anyone can fund your drop with NFTs. This field allows you to set a specific account ID that will be locked into sending the NFTs.

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Optional tokenIds: string[]

If there are any token IDs that you wish to be automatically sent to the Keypom contract in order to register keys as part of createDrop, specify them here. A maximum of 2 token IDs can be sent as part of the transaction. If you wish to register more keys by sending more NFTs, you must do this in a separate call by invoking the nftTransferCall method separately.

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