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Welcome to the Keypom cookbook! Here you can explore Keypom's building blocks that help create awesome onboarding experiences. The idea of these pages is for them to act as a quick reference for common use cases when using the Keypom protocol. Every use case will have a corresponding code snippet using the Keypom JS SDK.

Getting Started

For the cookbook, you will need the following installed.

  1. Node JS
  2. Keypom JS SDK

Connection to NEAR and Initializing the SDK

When working with the SDK, you will always need to connect to NEAR and initiate Keypom using the initKeypom function. This will always be the first function you call to interact with the SDK.

initKeypom initializes the SDK to allow for interactions with the Keypom smart contracts. Without it, none of the other SDK functions would work as expected. More info on the initKeypom function.