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Trial Account Drops

This part of the cookbook contains a quick overview on how to create a trial account drop.

Getting Started

For the cookbook, you will need the following installed.

  1. Node JS
  2. Keypom JS SDK

These scripts will not run without the proper setup shown in the introduction page.

Creating a Trial Account Drop

When creating a trial account drop, there are 3 main parameters to define. The first is callableContracts, indicating what contracts the trial account can call. This will prevent rugging from the funder's perspective. Next is maxAttachableNearPerContract which just outlines how much $NEAR can be attached to any function call on any of the aforementioned contracts. The order of this is the same as the order defined in callableContracts. Lastly is the callableMethods parameter, which defines what methods the trial account is allowed to call on the allowed contracts. A * indicated any contract is callable.

When creating the drop, the trial account's balance is then defined by its starting balance and ending balance, known as the startingBalanceNEAR and trialEndFloorNEAR respectively.

// What contracts can the trial account call?
const callableContracts = [
// What is the maximum amount of $NEAR that can be attached to a call for each callable contract?
// 1 NEAR for guestbook, 2 NEAR for NEAR social
const maxAttachableNEARPerContract = [
// What methods can the trial account call?
// Any function can be called on either contracts.
const callableMethods = [

const wasmDirectory = `${require('path').resolve(__dirname, '..')}/trial-accounts/ext-wasm/trial-accounts.wasm`
const {keys} = await createTrialAccountDrop({
account: fundingAccount,
numKeys: 1,
contractBytes: [...readFileSync(wasmDirectory)],
// How much $NEAR should be made available to the trial account when it's created?
startingBalanceNEAR: 2.5,
// Once the trial account has spent this much $NEAR, the trial will be over.
trialEndFloorNEAR: 1.25


Delete Drop

A drop can be deleted manually at any time using deleteDrops. This will refund all unclaimed key balances back to the drop funder's Keypom balance.

// Get all the drops for a given user
let drops = await getDrops({accountId: "minqi.testnet"});

// Delete all the drops currently funded by `minqi.testnet`
await deleteDrops({
account: fundingAccount,

// Delete 2 seperate drops given their IDs
await deleteDrops({
account: fundingAccount,
dropIds: ["123123123123123", "12391238012380123"]