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Non-Fungible Token Drops

This part of the cookbook contains a quick overview on how to create an NFT drop.

Getting Started

For the cookbook, you will need the following installed.

  1. Node JS
  2. Keypom JS SDK

These scripts will not run without the proper setup shown in the introduction page.

Creating a Non-Fungible Token Drop

An NFT drop is created by first minting the NFTs to be sent, and then including the token_ids in the nftData argument. This examples shows a single NFT, with a one single-use key. For a larger distribution, consider using an FC to lazy mint NFTs.

// The funding account `minqi.testnet` has the token `token_123` on the contract `nft.examples.testnet`
const NFT_CONTRACT = `nft.examples.testnet`;
const NFT_TOKEN_ID = `token_123`;
const SENDING_ACCOUNT = `minqi.testnet`;

const { keys } = await createDrop({
account: fundingAccount,
numKeys: 1,
depositPerUseNEAR: "1",
nftData: {
// NFT Contract Id that the tokens will come from
contractId: NFT_CONTRACT,
// Who will be sending the NFTs to the Keypom contract
// List of tokenIDs
tokenIds: [NFT_TOKEN_ID]


Delete Drop

A drop can be deleted manually at any time using deleteDrops. This will refund all unclaimed key balances back to the drop funder's Keypom balance.

// Get all the drops for a given user
let drops = await getDrops({accountId: "minqi.testnet"});

// Delete all the drops currently funded by `minqi.testnet`
await deleteDrops({
account: fundingAccount,

// Delete 2 seperate drops given their IDs
await deleteDrops({
account: fundingAccount,
dropIds: ["123123123123123", "12391238012380123"]