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Usage Configurations

Usage configurations control behaviors surrounding how a key can be used. For example, dictating whether a key can be used to call only claim, or create_account_and_claim.



Default: claim AND create_account_and_claim

The permissions parameter assigns which claim methods the user can call with the key you give them. They can either call both, or just one.

Use case

Pretend you are hosting a talk about your NEAR dApp: Kramerly. Your only goal is to onboard as many new users from the audience as possible. If the user already has a NEAR wallet, they shouldn't be able to claim assets and onboard. This is similar to free-trials in Web2 whereby only new users are able to participate.

To do this, you can set the permissions parameter to create_account_and_claim.

Refund Deposit

Default: False

This refund_deposit parameter defines whether or not the deposit_for_use amount should be refunded to the drop owner if claim is called rather than create_account_and_claim.

Part of funding a drop is optionally covering the cost for creating a new named account. Sometimes, you might want to sponsor a small amount of $NEAR to cover that cost but it should only be used for account creation. If an account is not being created (through calling create_account_and_claim, the deposit_per_use should be sent back to the funder.

Use case

This parameter is usually a helpful mechanism when onboarding large numbers of users onto NEAR. Pretend you are onboarding 100,000 new users. Since they are new, you factor in the storage deposit needed to create the new wallets into your funding costs. After the event, however, it turns out half of the users had existing wallets.

If refund_deposit was true, you would be refunded the deposit_per_use that normally would have been sent to the existing NEAR wallets.

Auto-Delete Drop

Default: False

If auto_delete_drop is set to true, the drop will be deleted once all the keys have been used and deleted.

Use case

A great use case is for one-off drops where you don't plan on adding more keys to. By setting auto_delete_drop to true, the drop will automatically be deleted once all the keys are used.


Default: False

This parameter is used to automatically withdraw your Keypom balance once you delete your last drop.

Use case

This parameter is useful for users that create 1-off drops and don't want to worry about deleting their drop once it's used or having to manually withdraw their Keypom balance.

A funder could create a drop and give out keys without ever needing to return back to Keypom. Once the drop is exhausted, it is deleted and the funder's balance is automatically withdrawn.

Note that this must be used together with auto_delete_drop.

Account Creation Fields

Default: None

The account_creation_fields allows you to specify any arguments to be passed in to create_account when creating your account

Use case

Pretend you are looking to use Keypom to onboard users and give them custom subaccounts. To ensure that only the people using your drop can create a subaccount, you can add a secret account_creation_fields argument to your drop.

This way, if someone outside of the drop were to try to call create_account on your contract, they would need to pass in the secret account_creation_field that they would not know.