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What are Drop Configurations?

What sets Keypom apart from the basic NEAR Linkdrop? One major aspect is that Keypom allows for LOADS of customization!

This can allow for your to create linkdrops where the keys can become multi-use and controlled by start time, time between uses and much more! With these tools and Keypom's 4 drop types, you can create everything from unique onboardings to tiered and exclusive tickets.


This is all done through Drop Configurations.


The three objects used to customize your drops are DropConfig, TimeConfig, and UsageConfig.

Any customization will apply to ALL keys in that drop.

DropConfig - Top level configurations, dictates major parameters such as number of uses per key.

TimeConfig - All configurations related to time, such as time between uses.

UsageConfig - Administrative configurations, such as whether to delete the drop when all keys are used.

PublicSaleConfig - Configurations that allow the funder to create a public sale. Public sales are done by allowing users to add keys to the drop at a fee.

The structure for all the configurations can be seen in the tree below.

Drop Configuration Structure

├── uses_per_key

├── TimeConfig
│ └── start
│ └── end
│ └── throttle
│ └── interval

├── UsageConfig
│ └── permissions
│ └── refund_deposit
│ └── auto_delete_drop
│ └── auto_withdraw

├── PublicSaleConfig
│ └── max_num_keys
│ └── price_per_key
│ └── allowlist
│ └── blocklist
│ └── auto_withdraw_funds
│ └── start
│ └── end

├── root_account_id