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Non-Fungible Token Drops

Non-Fungible Token drops are a special type that allows users to "preload" the drop with NFTs. These tokens will then be automatically sent to the claiming user. The claiming flow is fairly similar to simple drops in that users can either create an account or claim to an existing one.

NFT drops are essentially a wrapper around simple drops. All the functionalities that simple drops have are carried over but now, users can receive an NFT as well as $NEAR. This brings introduces some customization and uniqueness to the use-cases.

How does it work?

Every drop has a field known as registered_uses. This tells the contract how many uses the drop has across all its keys. For simple drops, this field doesn't matter since all the uses are paid for up-front when the drop is created or when keys are added. With NFT drops, however, there is a 2 step process:

  • Firstly, the drop is created and all the $NEAR required is pre-paid for. This is the same as simple drops, however, the registered_uses are set to 0.
  • Once the drop is created, the owner must send the contract the NFTs in order for keys to be usable. This process is done through the nft_transfer_call workflow baked into the NFT standards. It's up to the owner to facilitate this process.

Whenever the contract receives tokens, it will push the ID to a vector. These IDs are popped off whenever a key is used. A user will receive the most recent token sent to the contract as the vector is acting like a stack.

NFT Config

Along with the default global configurations for drops, if you'd like to create an NFT drop, you must specify the following pieces of information when the drop is created.


By specifying this information, the drop is locked into only accepting NFTs from the sender and contract.

Use Cases

NFT drops work really well for when you want to send a pre-existing NFT to a user along with some $NEAR. Since NFT drops are a light wrapper around simple drops, most of the use-cases are the same although people can now get NFTs as well. This means you can onboard a user with some $NEAR and they get an NFT too.