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Final Product

Welcome to the last section of this DAO auto-registration tutorial! Here, you'll be seeing the full toolchain in action.

Getting Started

To follow along on your own machine, you can clone the code from the Keypom docs examples repository and run the following command in the root folder keypom-docs-examples:

cd advanced-tutorials/dao-onboarding && yarn

If you have been following along and wish to run your own code, run:

cd advanced-tutorials/dao-onboarding-skeleton && yarn

Creating and Claiming the Drop

Before you create and claim your drop, you must ensure that the DAO bot (dao-bot.keypom.near or keypom-dao-bot.testnet) holds its own special role on your DAO. This role must have permissions to add and vote on AddMemberToRole proposals.

Additionally, as highlighted in the drop creation section, the role that you are planning to auto-register new members into must already exist.


This demonstration will be done on mainnet using createDaoDrop-mainnet. This is to provide you with visuals on BOS.

bos showcase

To execute the script, run the following command in the advanced-tutorials/dao-onboarding folder:

node createDaoDrop-mainnet

This should give you the following output:

Receipts: DFf4iY9S4vUiVEZJy2neq4EhcKJXFKyoQqsDb2rvZrHF, 3E7S1h6dBmRZ14BA91CatTzaTEUmj3zLxyYAMG36MZpz
Log [v2.keypom.near]: Current Block Timestamp: 1685141815019548108
Log [v2.keypom.near]: 21 calls with 105000000000000 attached GAS. Pow outcome: 1.8602935. Required Allowance: 20248156910387200000000
Log [v2.keypom.near]: Total required storage Yocto 13850000000000000000000
Log [v2.keypom.near]: Current balance: 1.223441,
Required Deposit: 0.2350981,
total_required_storage: 0.01385,
Drop Fee: 0,
Key Fee: 0 Total Key Fee: 0,
allowance: 0.0202481 total allowance: 0.0202481,
access key storage: 0.001 total access key storage: 0.001,
deposits less none FCs: 0.1 total deposits: 0.1 lazy registration: false,
deposits for FCs: 0.1 total deposits for FCs: 0.1,
uses per key: 1
None FCs: 0,
length: 1
GAS to attach: 100000000000000
Log [v2.keypom.near]: New user balance 0.9883428
Log [v2.keypom.near]: Fees collected 0

Auto-Registration Links:

Claiming the Drop and Viewing Changes

For this example, the drop will be claimed with keypom-dao-tutorial-member.near. The aim will be to auto-register this account into MoonDAO.

explorer claim

After claiming, you can check the DAO policy here in the Policy tab.

bos policy

🎉 As you can see, keypom-dao-tutorial-member.near has automatically been registered into the DAO by simply claiming a linkdrop! 🎉

The transaction for this auto-registration can be found here.

Additional Viewing Methods

You can also view the proposal that was created and approved by the DAO bot by using the following:

near view keypom-test.sputnik-dao.near get_proposal '{"id":9}' 
Auto-Registration Proposal

View call: keypom-test.sputnik-dao.near.get_proposal({"id":9})
id: 9,
proposer: 'dao-bot.keypom.near',
description: 'mooooooooon',
kind: {
AddMemberToRole: {
member_id: 'keypom-dao-tutorial-member.near',
role: 'new-onboardee-role'
status: 'Approved',
vote_counts: { 'Keypom DAO Bot': [ 1, 0, 0 ] },
votes: { 'dao-bot.keypom.near': 'Approve' },
submission_time: '1685145461041750017'

The DAO policy can also be checked through the command line as well:

near view keypom-test.sputnik-dao.near get_policy' 
DAO Policy

View call: keypom-test.sputnik-dao.near.get_policy()
roles: [
{ name: 'all', kind: 'Everyone', permissions: [], vote_policy: {} },
name: 'new-onboardee-role',
Group: [
default_vote_policy: { weight_kind: 'RoleWeight', quorum: '0', threshold: [ 1, 2 ] },
proposal_bond: '100000000000000000000000',
proposal_period: '604800000000000',
bounty_bond: '100000000000000000000000',
bounty_forgiveness_period: '604800000000000'

How You Can Use DAO Bot

This DAO bot contract you just made has been deployed to the account keypom-dao-bot.testnet and dao-bot.keypom.near and is open for you to use! You can create your own FC drops to interface and experiment with it.


Prior to using the DAO Bot, ensure that it is given a role in your DAO capable of creating and approving AddMemberToRole proposals. For more info, see the solution architecture

If you wish to make modifications to the DAO bot, the source code is found here. You can modify to your liking and deploy the contract as you see fit.


The following functions have been included in the DAO bot in case you created a drop using older versions of the Keypom contract, such as v1-4.keypom.near. Note that you will need to deploy the DAO bot and modify these values yourself.

pub fn change_keypom_contract(&mut self, new_contract: AccountId)
pub fn view_keypom_contract(&self) -> AccountId


In this tutorial, you learned how you can use a Keypom FC drop and a newly created DAO bot to automatically register new users into your DAO and get the onboarding process started right away. You also learned how to use keypom_args to validate authenticity of incoming calls from Keypom drops.

This allows new members to focus on topics and discussions that are DAO specific rather than needing to worry about creating an account and learning the technical jargon of the NEAR blockchain. This onboarding flow also frees up the voting members to focus on the DAOs actual tasks rather than voting to approve new members.